ALAXAIR Consulting assists you during the entire live-time by maintaining your aircraft airworthy in compliance with all maintenance procedures from OEMs, local regulations and all safety regulations from EASA and FAA.

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ALAXAIR Executive is striving to be an aircraft operator with extended full-range services for its flying clients and its airplane owners. ALAXAIR Executive provides a Management Program which will unburden its clients from running an own in-house flight administration, thus ensuring the flexibility and reliability which only technical experts and flying professionals can deliver.

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Concepts for a better flying

Our detailed Acquisition Service:

  • Assessment of needs and requirements
  • Advice and support for search of aircraft (new or used)
  • Comparison for best choice of aircraft type in balancing security, versatility, reliability comfort and cost efficiency
  • Support for evaluation of aircraft and negotiation with sellers
  • Support for registration and application for operating permits
  • Support and advice for selection of avionic systems and additional equipment
  • Assessment of management service organizations and CAMOs (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organizations)
  • Other services on request

Our detailed Continuing Airworthiness Management Service:

  • Monitoring and supervising the maintenance programs based on the Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins from the original manufacturer
  • Coordination of maintenance with and at the official Part-145 Continuing Airworthiness Management Organizations
  • Management and supervision of overhauls (engines, avionics, airframe)
  • Administration of services in general and repairs with Maintenance Organizations and suppliers
  • Other services on request

You concentrate on your work

We concentrate on your Aircraft Management

A. Flight Administration Services

  • International flight and route planning in compliance with air traffic control and other safety requirements
  • Aircraft weight and balance
  • Fuel management (coordination with the biggest Fuel Providers)
  • Overflight permits
  • Visa, passport check and customs issues
  • Ground en-route assistance
  • Onboard services
  • Catering and beverages
  • Crew management and scheduling (cockpit and cabin crew)
  • Crew support services
  • Hotel and limousine services
  • Onboard entertainment

B. Maintenance

  • Continuing Airworthiness Management
  • Overhaul of Management and Supervision
  • Maintenance tracking and monitoring at CAMOs
  • Engines maintenance monitoring
  • Avionics maintenance monitoring
  • Fuselage (exterior, interior)
  • Hangar services
  • Stock management of mobile parts (tires, hydraulic liquids, oils, anti-freezing, extras)
  • After flight cleaning and maintenance

C. Aircraft administration

  • Aircraft registrations
  • Operating permits
  • Standard airworthiness certificates
  • EU-ETS fees (CO2-Management)
  • Insurances (airframe, engines)
  • Negotiations with part-145 Maintenance Organizations (RFPs, quotations, invoice control, warranty claim handling)
  • AOG (Aircraft on Ground) support
  • Personnel administration
  • Training

D. Finance & Administration

  • Cash management
  • Negotiations with banks and suppliers
  • Handling of legal affairs and with authorities
  • Full financial reporting:
    • Maintenance reports
    • Fuel reports
    • Crew expense reports
    • Complete consolidation of monthly statements
  • Private trust services
  • Personal Support

The future of Cargo is close at hand

Project ALAXAIR Cargo

The concept determines the foundation of an international operating full-cargo airline which will provide Switzerland and the neighboring EC-area with innovative airfreight and logistic services. In contrast to other well established airlines in Europe, ALAXAIR Cargo shall operate in emergent but steadily growing niche markets. This will be done by flying routes not yet served between Switzerland, Latin America and the Far East and by concentrating its services in specified export markets.